Gel Coat




Riviera Yacht Restoration specializes in the restoration and protection of gel coat finishes.


Gel coat is by its nature a harder surface along with being generally thicker and longer lasting than its counterpoint – marine paints. Gel coat is the preferred coating for fiberglass boats by far and as such is the most prolific surface in the marine recreational industry.


While its longevity and benefits have been well established there have been some setbacks with gel coat especially colored gel coat. With the advancements in shine and color formulations so along with it other problems have popped up, such as UV discoloration and premature fading. Another problem is the random “yellowing” of gel coat, especially gel coat exposed to the sun, this type of problem is often confused with bad paint patches. Also there is a third problem and that is the porous nature of some gel coats, giving rise to the difficulty of keeping a shine on the surface and having most waxes, polishes and even cleaners soak into the surface and leaving it looking blotchy.


Gel coat benefits greatly from proper care but knowing what products to use and how to use them can be confusing, laborious and daunting given the amount of products on the market today. However, not caring for the surface will lead to oxidation, deterioration and left long enough- eventual failure of the gel coat itself; Allowing water to permeate into the fiberglass and causing blisters and eventually delamination.


Riviera Yacht Restoration’s knowledgeable crew know how to take care of these problems. We lead the industry in cutting edge techniques and technology and provide solutions custom tailored for our customers needs. Our existing processes provide the best swirl free finishes obtainable with outstanding clarity and our sealants are the longest lasting in the industry. The products we use will never damage the surface and are the best, most innovative on the market today. All this to provide the best looking finish while adding years to the life of the gel coat.


Riviera Yacht Restoration understands the care needed to keep the surface of a yacht looking great while adding years to the life of the paint.


Today’s marine paints provide more color choices, finishes and even effects than anytime in the history of yachting but they can also be a source of frustration. Marine paint and more precisely marine paint used in the recreational boating industry is made up of various polyurethane and polyester paints. The surfaces of which vary greatly. Some paints are soft while others are hard, some paints have “patinas” and some do not, some paints cure in 5 days while others cure in 30 days, some paints can be compounded some paints cannot. Added to this are the new “effect” finishes such as metallic, flat, satin and even paints that seem to change color depending on the angle. Finally their life expectancy varies from 5-10 years.


Marine paints today have a variety of issues as well. Starting with the paint job itself, paint companies vary widely in their knowledge and skill of applying paint. These differences are usually, but not always, reflected in the price differences of the paint job. The most prolific problems with paint jobs today is as follows: Improper mil thickness (too thin), polishing paint before its properly cured, orange peel texture, and not properly sanding the surface before shooting causing scratches to show up through the new paint.


The second major issue is even it the boat is paint job is done well the environment its in is by its very nature corrosive. Sun, salt and water all contribute to the inevitable decay of the paint. Starting with the oxidation of the surface, discoloration and the eventual failure of the topcoat.


The third major issue with paint today is improper care of the surface.

There are a lot of marine products on the market today and a lot that can hurt the surface of the paint. Strong acids used to remove stains from the surface, 2 part teak cleaners, even boat soaps that aren’t thoroughly rinsed can cause the life of the paint to fail prematurely.


Riviera Yacht Restoration utilizes its in depth knowledge of the various paint problems and tailors a solution for the individual boat. Every vessel has a variation of the problems listed above and there is no “one size fits all” solution to these problems. Through our extensive experience and cutting edge techniques along with employing the latest yet proven sealants today , we can restore the surface of the paint and preserve it far beyond what its intended design.


There is a wide variety of marine glass on the market today; Understanding the different properties of the each type of glass is a skill that comes with training and experience.


Marine glass is by and large tempered. Notwithstanding the minutia between the different types, the glass is made to withstand high pressures enacted on it (waves) and the sea conditions mainly exposure to the sun and saltwater. While most glass does a good job of staying in one piece, the conditions of the marine environment lend itself to the degradation of the surface appearance. Etched in water spots, discoloration, micro-scratches, nicks, etching and gouges are all common problems found in the industry.


We at Riviera Yacht Restoration have used the services and products on the market and developed our own system for dealing with the most common of these problems. Using the most advanced and effective polishing techniques and coatings on the market today. We have developed a system for eliminating waters spots, discoloration, micro-scratches and contamination on the surface. Furthermore our hydrophobic coatings provide UV and saltwater protection for over a year.


Stainless Steel, bronze, brass and aluminum are mainstays in the marine industry. Structural, functional and decorative pieces abound on vessels of all sizes. However metals in a saltwater environment have a tendency to corrode very quickly (even stainless steel) over time leaving the appearance looking dull, rust stained, etched discolored and milky looking. Constant maintenance is required to keep these surfaces looking like new. Metal polishes abound in the industry but not many protectants.


We at Riviera Yacht Restoration have developed processes for hand and machine polishing to bring it back the metal to a like new condition. At the same time we use only the best most effective, technologically advanced, sacrificial and permanent coatings on the market today. We are constantly testing new products and various techniques in order to provide the customer with the very best in finish and protection.